Healthy Organic Summer Road Trip Snacks

Here’s a great start of a healthy, organic snack list to bring on a road trip.

carrot sticks
snap peas
celery, pre cut
whole grain crackers
almond butter (JEM!)
roasted garlic hummus
cheese, pre sliced
sparkling water
tee-tree flavored toothpicks
dark chocolate aka healthy chocolate
iced tea unsweetened
mixed raw nuts
lots of filtered water
chicken curry salad

Get a cooler and some fuel and you’re in business.

DIY Raw Organic Almond Butter

Almond butter is easy to make at home, especially if you have a Vitamix. We agree, but we want to share with you why our almond butter isn’t your ordinary DIY almond butter.

We use organic raw Spanish almonds –– do you know where your almonds are from and if they’re organic? Hint: natural almonds are […]

Raw organic nut butter; why is it good for you?

What’s all the hype around almond butter? What happened to good ol’ fashioned peanut butter?

Here’s why raw, organic almond butter deserves all the recent hype; why raw organic almond butter is good for you:

It’s raw! Raw foods are packed full of nutrients.
It’s organic! Organic foods are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals that recent […]

Organic Nut Butter Recipes Worth Drooling Over


We are seeking The Ultimate JEM Recipe, and so far –– we’ve seen a few jems worth drooling over, all made with our JEM Raw sprouted nut spreads.

Smoothie Bowls
Almond Butter Cups
Protein Smoothies
Adult Toast
Healthy Snacks

Submit as many JEM recipes as you have to our Google+ Page for your chance at a Years Supply –– 12 jars […]

Raw Organic Nut Butter Giveaway on Google+?

Why host a giveaway on Google+ of all places? Why not Facebook? Instagram?

Honestly, from one small business to another ––small business / blogger / entrepreneur–– hosting a giveaway on G+ is about exposure via organic web traffic.

Instead of putting budget towards boosting Facebook posts to a percentage of our following or creating Instagram images, we’ve […]

Superberry Sale: One Week Only, 6oz $9.99

Smile from the inside out, 6 oz Superberry is on sale for $9.99 this week only.

Google+ Recipe & Photo Contest: Win a Years Supply of JEM!

We want to know your favourite JEM recipes, and we want to give you JEM in return! Enough JEM for a full year.

We’ll be hosting a Recipe Contest on the JEM Raw Google+ page throughout the month of June to find the ultimate JEM recipe & photograph. The winner will take home a years supply […]

Airplane Travel Size, Under 3 oz JEM Jars to Fly With

Perfect travel-size the TSA can’t take away!

1oz travel size (under allotted 3oz)
keep in your carry on
great hostess gifts
healthy travel snacks
reusable tiny glass jars
all 4 blends available
100% USDA organic ingredients

Shop our airplane sized 1oz JEM jars online at our JEM Shop. These little guys are perfect for traveling because they fit anywhere and you don’t have […]

Refrigerate, Shelf Life, Expire, Stirring: Best JEM Practices for Foodies


There are several questions that come up more than others about JEM, and we’re happy to answer them all. Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about our Sprouted Nut Spreads:

Q: Should I refrigerate JEM or store it in the pantry?

A: Either way you enjoy JEM best. Keeping JEM out on the counter, in […]

Make Superberry Maqui Camu Love

Make Superberry Maqui Camu meals and snacks with love–– get inspired by pairings and love notes sent via Instagram.

@__bwintz, “Auditions to be my new favorite food are now closed. Thanks to all who participated, but this literally can never be topped. Bye forever. #hatcheryproblems”



@jacqsmith, “Sometimes, dinner isn’t enough. #midnightsnacks”


@lovepeacegreen, “My favorite snack ever used to be […]