Make Superberry Maqui Camu Love

Make Superberry Maqui Camu meals and snacks with love–– get inspired by pairings and love notes sent via Instagram.

@__bwintz, “Auditions to be my new favorite food are now closed. Thanks to all who participated, but this literally can never be topped. Bye forever. #hatcheryproblems”



@jacqsmith, “Sometimes, dinner isn’t enough. #midnightsnacks”


@lovepeacegreen, “My favorite snack ever used to be […]

Taste Cashew Cardamom, On Us!

INTRODUCING, Cashew Cardamom, our latest blend we’ve dreamt up. Creamy cashews, exotic cardamom, similar to our Coconut Cardamom but without the temperature sensitivity. We hope you enjoy this “exotic vegan caramel” as much as we do.

We want you to taste Cashew Cardamom, on us! Receive a complimentary 1oz jar of Cashew Cardamom with every online […]

Introducing: Cashew Cardamom

Introducing: Cashew Cardamom, our latest blend we’ve dreamt up. We hope you enjoy this “exotic vegan caramel” as much as we do.

***Available in stores now! Online sales, stay tuned!***

You’ll want to use a golden spoon to enjoy the riches of this palatial flavor-blend of creamy cashew and exotic cardamom, activated sprouted organic almonds, vanilla and […]

What’s in Your JEM Jar?

We’re not the only ones who keep our jars out of the recycling. Our JEM fans have found practical and creative ways to repurpose the glass jars once they’re licked clean.

Here are a few ideas on how to repurpose your JEM jars around the home from our fans:

1. A 6oz. JEM jars used as spice, […]

Pink Himalayan Salt


In each of our sprouted nut spreads, we use a pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt.

Why is it pink? The hues of pink are an indication of this salt’s mineral-rich and energy-rich iron content.

Why not use just regular ol’ table salt? First, we use only the highest grade ingredients on the market when sourcing ALL of our ingredients. […]

Nut Butter Taste Test


As one of the many nut butter companies selling product online, it’s interesting to taste the plethora of butters on the market, see their branding choices and read their nutritional information ingredient lists. Even Amazon sells a large selection of gourmet nut butters–from PB2 powdered peanut butter to Artisana Raw Organic Almond Butter. We decided […]

Sweeter Summers Superberry Butters

JEM’s Superberry Maqui Camu Sprouted Almond Butter is packed full of antioxidants. And not just any antioxidants, but anathocyanins––a well known anti-aging, anti-inflammatory flavonoid which also happens to be what creates the purple color in foods.
Antioxidants are so important because they help clean up free radicals, which are highly reactive oxygen molecules. The operative word […]


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Maqui Camu Super Berry Butter

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SuperBerry Butter 30 gram
Product Description
Our patient blending of two super-berries from Patagonia and the Andes elevates their sweet and complex flavor perfectly above a creamy almond butter and coconut palm sugar base. Loaded with anti-oxidants and nutrients, these Jems are packed for high-adventure!


Grab your spoon! Spread on an apple, […]

Coconut Cardamom Almond Butter

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Our Ingredients – Healthy Indulgence

Raw Sprouted Organic Almonds – Soaked in pink himalayan salt crystals and dehydrated at a low temperature to insure the nutritional integrity/improve the digestion of the almonds. Soaking also reduces the phytic acid, a substance that reduces your ability to absorb minerals. Sourced from California […]