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Gluten Free Forever (GFF) Magazine Feature

We are so delighted to be inside the pages of GFF Magazine (Gluten Free Forever)!

On Page 7 under the “Where it’s @” section, our JEM Raw Sprouted Nut Spreads come recommended ––highly recommended–– needing just a spoon to enjoy.

The raw, organic, non-GMO, sprouted nut spreads by Oregon-based JEM are so good that we eat them […]

The Red Maca Poem

Summer’s blend is here and best on apples: Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Spread. Discover seasonal recipes and raw inspiration on @jemraw’s Instagram, and share your creations using our hashtag #jemraw.

Visit our @jemraw Instagram to read the Red Maca poem.

Slice up golden delicious apples, honey crisp or red galas –– every crisp bite is completed with […]

Pro Athletes Eat Nut Butter

What do professional athletes eat? A handful of Professional Athletes have written JEM love letters (and tweets!). Pro basketball, tennis players, and yogis use Sprouted Nut Spreads in training.

As a pre-workout smoothie, post-workout recovery snack, or straight from the jar ’cause JEM keeps you ear-to-ear! Professional athletes admit JEM is their healthy addiction.

@SaraHall3: Sara Hall is a […]

Caramel and Hot Fudge: Ice Cream Toppings

Caramel and hot fudge combined! Year-round we all crave a sweet delight after dinner. Top your favourite frozen dessert, ice cream or gelato, with JEM and dig in. Gooey like caramel and chocolaty like hot fudge.


Drizzle JEM’s Hazelnut Raw Cacao Spread on ice cream and let harder into a chocolate shell in the freezer for a minute. […]

JEM Raw Ultimate Recipe & Photo Contest Winners

We have been blown away by the raw talent and creative ingenuity from all the JEM fans (or JEM Lovers, as they’ve begun to call themselves) over the past two months on our JEM Raw Organics Google+ Page.

With the outpour of photos, recipes, comments, and ideas for JEM, we wanted to do something more. Instead […]

Ice Cream Toppings

Summer is here and it’s warm!

Cool down with this decadent ice cream dessert recipe including an organic chocolate shell that’s crunchy and healthy.


– raspberry gelado (Bonta)

– strawberry balsamic gelado (Bonta)

– hazelnut raw cacao spread (JEM Raw)

– toasted pepitas

– organic raspberries



Toast pepitas gently and quickly and set aside. Add sea salt if wanted.

Scoop both gelados in a […]

Picnic Party Healthy Snacks

We have over a month of warm summer air and fresh seasonal produce left! Toss JEM in your picnic basket and get inspired by these delicious photos of healthy summer snacks below.


Picnic Recipes: scoop JEM Raw into pitted dates and wrap them in butter leaf lettuce with other goodies like walnuts, cilantro, lime citrus and shredded carrots. Better […]

Meet Allison Walton, Wellness Curator

Certain individuals adore our JEM’s, so much so –– that, we have this pretty substantial following of passionate, talented health and wellness nuts.

Meet Allison Walton, curator of all things wellness. She believes that the health-curious can become health-minded, that doing good (or rather, doing well) is contagious and that everyone should eat at least one […]

Small Artisan Spread Batches

The Founders of JEM Raw brought a camera along for the latest R&D tasting of our sprouted nut spreads. Together, they dream up blends and make small batches of artisan ingredients until they’re just the right amount each, stoneground to perfection.

After the most recent release of Cashew Cardamom Sprouted Almond Spread earlier this year, we […]

Backcountry Food: Wild Almond Butter Recipes

Headed into the wild backcountry for a summer trip? Camping? Backpacking? Bring JEM along for a morale-boosting, high protein, delicious indulgence that goes well in morning oats, on afternoon apples, and after dinner with chocolate and red wine. Shop JEM Raw Sprouted Nut Spreads online here.





PRO-TIP: scoop JEM Raw spreads into small baggies to loose the […]