Meet Allison Walton, Wellness Curator

Certain individuals adore our JEM’s, so much so –– that, we have this pretty substantial following of passionate, talented health and wellness nuts.

Meet Allison Walton, curator of all things wellness. She believes that the health-curious can become health-minded, that doing good (or rather, doing well) is contagious and that everyone should eat at least one […]

Small Artisan Spread Batches

The Founders of JEM Raw brought a camera along for the latest R&D tasting of our sprouted nut spreads. Together, they dream up blends and make small batches of artisan ingredients until they’re just the right amount each, stoneground to perfection.

After the most recent release of Cashew Cardamom Sprouted Almond Spread earlier this year, we […]

Backcountry Food: Wild Almond Butter Recipes

Headed into the wild backcountry for a summer trip? Camping? Backpacking? Bring JEM along for a morale-boosting, high protein, delicious indulgence that goes well in morning oats, on afternoon apples, and after dinner with chocolate and red wine. Shop JEM Raw Sprouted Nut Spreads online here.





PRO-TIP: scoop JEM Raw spreads into small baggies to loose the […]

Taste Organic Red Maca

Treat a friend ––maybe even a JEM Virgin–– to the warming taste of cinnamon spice blended with warming red maca. 1oz JEMs are on sale, $1.99! Small enough the TSA can’t take them away.

How to Enjoy Cinnamon Red Maca: Grab your spoon! Smear all over cheesy pizza for a honey replacement or on green apples, […]

JEM Raw Organic Recipes by Pamela Salzman

We are one blessed small organic business that has people tasting our JEM’s left and right, falling into the talented hands of foodie bloggers around the globe.

Meet Pamela Salzman, holistic health counselor and cooking instructor. Ever since she could remember, she’s loved food –– and today, that includes JEM Raw spreads.



Healthy Organic Summer Road Trip Snacks

Here’s a great start of a healthy, organic snack list to bring on a road trip.

carrot sticks
snap peas
celery, pre cut
whole grain crackers
almond butter (JEM!)
roasted garlic hummus
cheese, pre sliced
sparkling water
tee-tree flavored toothpicks
dark chocolate aka healthy chocolate
iced tea unsweetened
mixed raw nuts
lots of filtered water
chicken curry salad

Get a cooler and some fuel and you’re in business.

DIY Raw Organic Almond Butter

Almond butter is easy to make at home, especially if you have a Vitamix. We agree, but we want to share with you why our almond butter isn’t your ordinary DIY almond butter.

We use organic raw Spanish almonds –– do you know where your almonds are from and if they’re organic? Hint: natural almonds are […]

Raw organic nut butter; why is it good for you?

What’s all the hype around almond butter? What happened to good ol’ fashioned peanut butter?

Here’s why raw, organic almond butter deserves all the recent hype; why raw organic almond butter is good for you:

It’s raw! Raw foods are packed full of nutrients.
It’s organic! Organic foods are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals that recent […]

Organic Nut Butter Recipes Worth Drooling Over


We are seeking The Ultimate JEM Recipe, and so far –– we’ve seen a few jems worth drooling over, all made with our JEM Raw sprouted nut spreads.

Smoothie Bowls
Almond Butter Cups
Protein Smoothies
Adult Toast
Healthy Snacks

Submit as many JEM recipes as you have to our Google+ Page for your chance at a Years Supply –– 12 jars […]

Raw Organic Nut Butter Giveaway on Google+?

Why host a giveaway on Google+ of all places? Why not Facebook? Instagram?

Honestly, from one small business to another ––small business / blogger / entrepreneur–– hosting a giveaway on G+ is about exposure via organic web traffic.

Instead of putting budget towards boosting Facebook posts to a percentage of our following or creating Instagram images, we’ve […]